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1. GPS Velocity Viewer Web Tool [UNAVCO_GPSVelocityViewer]
The GPS Velocity Viewer Web Tool shows maps of the Earth's tectonic plates, earthquake locations, volcanoes, and crustal motions (GPS geodesy station velocities). The map tool is built with Google ...

2. Tectonic Plate Motion Calculator from UNAVCO [UNAVCO_NNR_Plate_Motion_Calc]
The Plate Motion Calculator calculates tectonic plate motion at any location on Earth using one or more plate motion models. You can specify: - position in geographic or WGS-84 XYZ coordinates - ...

3. STATIC1D - Program for Solving the Equations of Static Equilibrium in a Spherically Layered Isotropic Medium [USGS_STATIC1D]
These programs solve the equations of static equilibrium in a spherically layered isotropic medium using a decomposition into spheroidal and toroidal motions. For each spherical harmonic degree l ...

4. CDDIS Site Log Viewer [CDDIS_QuerySiteLogs]
The CDDIS Site Log Viewer application allows users to query the site description/configuration logs for services within the International Association of Geodesy (IAG). At this time, logs from the ...

5. CASMI: "Create A Stress Map Interactively" Software Tool [CASMI]
CASMI is a software tool for generating stress maps. It has a graphical user interface and is the interactive Cousin of CASMO ("Create A Stress Map Online", "") with ...

6. Plate Velocity Calculator from Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory [LDEO_Plate_Velocity_Calc]
Dr. William Menke's Plate Motion Calculator allows users to calculate spreading rates for the world's major ridges using NUVEL-1 Plate Velocity Parameters. To make the calculation, users choose the ...

7. Global Geodynamic Project Information System and Data Center [GGP-ISDC]
The Global Geodynamic Project Information System and Data Center provides catalog and data access services of superconducting gravimeter data, and associated environmental data related to the GGP.

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