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1. Newall Glacier and Dome C Ice Core in situ 14C Data [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2003-065]
We have studied the levels of 14C in firn and ice from two regions accumulating ice in Antarctica, Dome C, and Newall Glacier. The observed concentrations indicate variable amounts of in-situ 14C ...

2. Vostok Antarctic Ice Core Data for 420,000 years, from WDC Paleoclimatology [EARTH_LAND_NGDC_PALEO_VOSTOK1]
The Vostok Ice Core Data is one of the primary Antarctic Paleoclimate Datasets. It covers the time from the present back to 422,000 years before the present. It is available from the World ...

3. Delta Deuterium, Delta 18-O, Deuterium excess from Dome C Ice Core (Antarctica) from WDC/Paleoclimatology [NOAA_NGDC_PALEO_DOMEC_DELTA]
This data contains delta deuterium, delta 18-O, deuterium excess, and an age scale from the Dome C (Antarctica) ice core.

4. Historical CO2 Record from the Vostok Ice Core in CDIAC [CDIAC_CO2_VOSTOK_ICECORE]
Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) have been derived from ice cores in Antarctica. In January 1998, the collaborative ice-drilling project between Russia, the United States, ...

5. Historical Isotopic Temperature Record from the Vostok Ice Core [CDIAC_VOSTOK_TEMPS_TRENDS]
Glacial-interglacial temperature records were derived from the 2083-m ice core from Vostok, Antarctica, obtained during a series of drillings in th early 1970s and 1980. Temperature records ...

6. Historical Methane (CH4) Record from the Vostok (Antarctica) Ice Core (157,000-26000 BP), in CDIAC, Trends '93 [CDIAC_CH4_VOSTOK]
Atmospheric concentrations of methane (CH4) have been derived from ice core data in Antarctica for nearly 160,000 years. The 2,083-m-long ice core taken by the Soviet Antarctica Expedition ...

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