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1. Bacteria from Penguin Guano, Antarctica [scarmarbin_1961]
The total number of bacteria and culturable bacteria in AdeĀ“lie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) guano was determined during 42 days of decomposition in a location adjacent to the rookery in Admiralty ...

2. Promachocrinus kerguelensis [scarmarbin_1851]
DNA sequence data for Promachocrinus kerguelensis

3. Antarctic Parborlasia corrugatus [scarmarbin_2002]
Open-ocean environments provide few obvious barriers to the dispersal of marine organisms. Major currents and/or environmental gradients potentially impede gene flow. One system hypothesized to form ...

4. Penguins of Antarctica [scarmarbin_2392]
Baker,A.J., Pereira,S.L., Haddrath,O.P. and Edge,K.A. Multiple gene evidence for expansion of extant penguins out of Antarctica due to global cooling. Proc. Biol. Sci. 273 (1582), 11-17 (2006)

5. Ross Sea Pycnogonids [scarmarbin_1967]
The biodiversity research expedition TAN0204 with RS Tangaroa to the Ross Sea in 2004 yielded a new collection of 2,687 specimens of pycnogonids. As much as 25 dfferent species encompassing 14 genera ...

6. Weddell Sea Glass Sponges [scarmarbin_1950]
genetic data on the glass sponges of the Weddell Sea Antarctica

7. Antarctic Amphipoda [scarmarbin_2437]
In Antarctic waters, the superfamily Lysianassoidea is one of the most important amphipod groups both in terms of species number and abundance. Dominant members of this superfamily are species of ...

8. Antarctic Foraminiferans [scarmarbin_1775]   PARENT METADATA
Molecular 18S sequence of Antarctic Foraminiferans

9. Antarctic Isopods [scarmarbin_2387]
The phylogenetic relationships of 14 species of the Antarctic amphipod families Epimeriidae and Iphimediidae were investigated using 553 bp of the gene for the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit ...

10. Antarctic Marine Amoebae [scarmarbin_1951]
Seven Antarctic marine Gymnamoebae

11. Antarctic Marine Species Sequence Data [scarmarbin_1776]   PARENT METADATA
DNA sequence data for Antarctic marine species, mainly invertebrates

12. Antarctic Pycnogonids II [scarmarbin_2388]
Cryptic mitochondrial lineages in the widespread pycnogonid Colossendeis megalonyx Hoek, 1881 from Antarctic and Subantarctic waters

13. Antarctic Rhodophyta [scarmarbin_1959]
Antarctic rhodophyta

14. Antarctic fish Gobionotothen gibberifrons [scarmarbin_2001]
The diversification of the teleost suborder Notothenioidei (Perciformes) in Antarctic waters provides one of the most striking examples of a marine adaptive radiation. Along with a number of adaptations ...

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