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1. Atmospheric CO2 record from continuous measurements at Jubany Station, Antarctica, in CDIAC/Trends [CDIAC_TRENDS_CO2_JUBANY]
The Italian PNRA (National Research Program in Antarctica) began continuous atmospheric carbon dioxide measurements at Jubany in 1994. The laboratory at Jubany Station is operated year-round by the ...

2. Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration at Jubany Station [Atm_Carb_Diox_conc_Jubany_stat]
CO2 concentration of the atmosphere at the Laboratory level are obtained at the station Jubany managed jointly by PNRA of Italy and DNA of Argentina. The measurements are taken by using a Siemens ...

3. Ozone in Southern Polar regions [Antar-Ozone_Data]
To study the evolutions of total ozone content in southern polar regions, some groundbased measurements were carried out in 2 sites. 1 - Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego, Argentina) 2 - Belgrano II (Antarctica)

4. Research in Aurorae from Belgrano I Station, Antarctica [JCADM_CDA_DNA_AURORAE]
The location of the Belgrano Station in the auroral zone facilitates the observation of auroral activity and its correlation with other geophysical events. The data was acquired continuously through ...

5. Research in Geomagnetism from Direccion Nacional del Antartico [JCADM_DNA_CDA_GEOMAG]
Geomagnetic storm activity is being monitored using high sensitivity magnetometers at the Belgrano and San Martin Antarctic Stations. Geomagnetic pulsations are digitally filtered and recorded. ...

6. Studies on Atmospheric Ozone from Belgrano and Marambio Stations in Antarctica, and Ushuaia, Argentina [JCADM_CDA_DNA_OZONE]
Formation and evolution of the ozone hole are studied by using information obtained at the Belgrano, Marambio Stations and Ushuaia city, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. Brewer, Dobson and EVA spectrophotometers ...

7. UV in Southern Polar regions [Antar-UV_Data]
Study of the solar UV spectral irradiance in southern polar regions, ground-based measurements were carried out in 2 sites. 1 - Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego, Argentina) 2 - Belgrano ...

VLF (Very Low Frequency) signals in the range of 10-34 kHz are continuously recorded during the polar night.

9. Variations in the level of CO2 in the lower atmosphere and studies of the Ozone Hole at Jubany Station, Antarctica [JCADM_CDA_DNA_GREENHOUSE]
Continuous and seasonal variations in the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is determined at Jubany Station, Antarctica using a nondispersive infrared gas analyzer (NDIR). In addition, ...

10. Ionosphere Physics Data from Belgrano and San Martin Bases, Antarctica [JCADM_CDA_DNA_IONOSPHYSICS]
Vertical incidence ionosoundings are being performed at the Belgrano and San Martmn stations. Ionospheric cosmic noise absorption is continuously recorded at the same stations, at a frequency of ...

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