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1. Parameters affecting sensory and metabolic adaptations in Antarctic vertebrates and invertebrates [K022_1990_1991_NZ_1]
The sense organs of three species of Antarctic fish and Antarctic octopus, scallops and collembolans were fixed for electron microscopy. Pigmented spots around the oral cavity of nemertean worms, ...

2. Soil Invertebrate Fauna Nordaustlandet (Norway) [UNIS_Kinnvika]
Two data sets are available regarding soil fauna ecosystems: - Soil Fauna: Species checklist of species found in Nordaustlandet. - Soil Temperature: From 3 temperature loggers in Kinnvika.

3. Determination of the unique evolutionary patterns that prevail in the Antarctic springtail (Gomphiocephalus hodgsoni) [K025_2006_2007_NZ]
The energetic budgets (activity) of Antarctic springtails (Gomphiocephalus hodgsoni) was investigated at Cape Bird, Ross Island and the Garwood Valley, McMurdo Dry Valleys to determine the unique ...

4. Ecophysiological experiments on the springtail Gressitacantha terranova to determine genetic variation, antifreeze proteins and cold tolerance studies [K066_2007_2008_NZ_1]
This study sought to carry out primary ecophysiological experiments - cold tolerance - on the springtail Gressitacantha terranova. Bulk collections were made using aspirators and paintbrushes from ...

5. Genetic sequencing of terrestrial invertebrates along the latitudinal range of the Ross Dependency to determine patterns of biodiversity, phylogenetic relationships and levels of gene flow among populations [K028_1999_2008_NZ_1]
Molecular techniques (allozyme electrophoresis and mitochondrial gene sequencing) were used to characterise the Antarctic terrestrial biodiversity along the latitudinal range of the Ross Dependency ...

6. Heard Island soil samples from a range of habitats: Springtail abundance [AAS_4024_heard_springtails_2003-04]
In 2003-04 70mm soil cores were collected from locations with a range of vegetation types at Heard Island. The cores were collected at 112 sites with 3 to 4 samples per site and 431 samples in total. ...

7. Macquarie Island Poa annua soil samples 2010-11: Springtail abundance and habitat [AAS_4024_macquarie_springtails_2010-11]
In 2010-11 70mm soil cores were collected from locations at Macquarie Island rich in the invasive plant Poa annua. The cores were collected at 22 sites, with 10 samples per site. Processing and identification ...

8. Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN) marine survey data (Professional) (EUROBIS) [Eurobis_640]
A collection of marine life surveys collated by the Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN) as part of their data access program. Surveys are either flagged as professional surveys or data collected ...

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