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7. ERS-1_LEVEL0 [ERS-1_L0_1]
ERS-1 Standard Beam Level 0 Frame

8. ERS-1_LEVEL1 [ERS-1_L1_1]
ERS-1 Standard Beam Data Level 1

9. ERS-2_LEVEL0 [ERS-2_L0_1]
ERS-2 Standard Beam Data Level 0

10. ERS-2_LEVEL1 [ERS-2_L1_1]
ERS-2 Standard Beam Data Level 1

RADARSAT-1 Level 0

RADARSAT-1 Level 1 Amplitude Images

13. Airborne Surface Profiling of Alaskan Glaciers, Version 1 [G01378_1]
This data set consists of glacier outline, laser altimetry profile, and surface elevation change data for 46 glaciers in Alaska and British Columbia, Canada, measured with an airborne laser altimetry ...

14. DISP Yearly Satellite Photographic Mosaics of Greenland 1962-1963, Version 1 [NSIDC-0118_1]
The Declassified Intelligence Satellite Photographs (DISP) Yearly Satellite Photographic Mosaics of Greenland are composites of black-and-white photographs of Greenland taken from American satellites ...

15. GEOSAT Radar Altimeter DEM Atlas of Antarctica North of 72.1 degrees South, Version 1 [NSIDC-0075_1]
The Antarctic atlas consists of 28 digital elevation maps which cover all of Antarctica north of 72.1 degrees south at a resolution of three kilometers. Each map contains surface elevations and coordinates ...

16. Glacier Inventory of West Greenland, Version 1 [G01375_1]
The inventory includes 5,297 Glaciers from west Greenland between 59 to 71 degrees latitude north and 43 to 53 degrees longitude west. The glacier data basin division is based on a simplified version ...

17. Glacier Photograph Collection, Version 1 [G00472_1]
The Glacier Photograph Collection is a database of digital photographs of glaciers from around the world, some dating back to the mid-19th century, that provide an historical reference for glacier ...

18. Good Days on the Trail, 1938-1942: Film Footage of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, Version 1 [G02175_1]
This silent film documents student hiking trips conducted by the University of Colorado at Boulder in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA during the summers of 1938-1942. The hikes took place in various ...

19. International Polar Year Historical Data and Literature, Version 1 [G02201_1]
The International Polar Year Historical Data and Literature collection (formerly known as the Discovery and Access of Historic Literature from the IPYs (DAHLI) project) is an online data collection ...

20. Polar Ice Sounding and Geomagnetics, Version 1 [G00790_1]
Data addresses ice thickness and related geomagnetics generated during remote sensing flights over Antarctica and Greenland. Analog records are oscilloscope traces and snapshots of Z-mode radar echo ...

21. RAMP AMM-1 SAR Image Mosaic of Antarctica, Version 2 [NSIDC-0103_2]
The mosaic provides a detailed look at ice sheet morphology, rock outcrops, research infrastructure, the coastline, and other features of Antarctica, as well as representing calibrated radar backscatter ...

22. Radarsat Antarctic Mapping Project Digital Elevation Model, Version 2 [NSIDC-0082_2]
The high-resolution Radarsat Antarctic Mapping Project (RAMP) Digital Elevation Model (DEM) combines topographic data from a variety of sources to provide consistent coverage of all of Antarctica.

23. When the Weather is Uggianaqtuq: Inuit Observations of Environmental Changes, Version 1 [NSIDC-0650_1]
Uggianaqtuq (pronounced OOG-gi-a-nak-took) is a North Baffin Inuktitut word that means to behave unexpectedly, or in an unfamiliar way. From the perspective of many hunters and elders in the Arctic, ...

24. Collaborative Research: Using Fracture Patterns and Ice Thickness to Study the History and Dynamics of Grounding Line Migration and Shutdown of Kamb and Whillans Ice Streams [fahnestock_0440636_1]
The work is in collaboration with co-PI Christina Hulbe and at Portland State University. In our previous work we were able to image, map, and interpret streak lines (flow trajectories) on the Ross ...

25. Collaborative Research: MIDGE: Minimally Invasive Direct Glacial Exploration of Biogeochemistry, Hydrology and Glaciology of Blood Falls, McMurdo Dry Valleys [USAP-1144192_1]
Recent discoveries of widespread liquid water and microbial ecosystems below the Antarctic ice sheets have generated considerable interest in studying Antarctic subglacial environments. Understanding ...

26. Georeferenced Landsat 7 image of the Prince Charles Mountains and Lambert Glacier [L7PAN128112_141101_R]
Georeferenced Landsat 7 image of the Prince Charles Mountains and Lambert Glacier. The image was captured on the 14th of November, 2001.

27. Heard Island Topographic Mapping from Orthophotos derived from Non-Metric Photography [HIC_PHOTO_NMOrtho_TopoMapping]
The Heard Island Topographic Data was mapped from Ortho-rectified non-metric photography. The data consists of Coastline, Glacier, Lagoon, Offshore Rocks, Water Storage and Watercourse datasets digitised ...

28. Structure and dynamics of the Sorsdal Glacier [ASAC_1205]
---- Public Summary from Project ---- The Sorsdal Glacier, located in the vicinity of the Davis Station, is one of the key polar outlet glaciers that contributes to the drainage of the East Antarctic ...

29. Use of ground penetrating radar to elucidate ice structure and moraine formation processes in the Windmill Islands [GPR_MORAINE_ANARE53_CASEY]
GPR cross sections collected above the Loken Moraines, near Casey Station, Antarctica. The instrument used was Ramac GPR with 50 MHz and 25 MHz unshielded antennas. Data are in .rad and .rd3 format.

30. Fieldwork and sampling at Loewe Massif-Amery Oasis [ASAC_1071_Loewe]
At Loewe Massif and Amery Oasis, samples were taken; - for sediment analysis (XRF geochemistry and grain size) - for geochronology (cosmogenic isotope analysis). The custodian for these samples is ...

31. Aerial Photographs (from AMES Pilot Land Data System); USGS EDC, Sioux Falls [EARTH_LAND_USGS_AMES_AIR_PHOTOS]
The aerial photography inventoried by the Pilot Land Data System (PLDS) at NASA AMES Research Center has been transferred to the USGS EROS Data Center. The photos were obtained from cameras mounted ...

32. USGS Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles [USGS_DOQ]
A Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle (DOQ) is a computer-generated image of an aerial photograph in which the image displacement caused by terrain relief and camera tilt has been removed. The DOQ combines ...

33. Amery Ice Shelf Grounding Zone defined as interpreted slope break in MODIS images [aad_ais_gz_modis_slope_break]
Grounding Zone of the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica defined by break of surface slope as determined through interpretation of MODIS images. It defines the landward edge of the grounding zone and ...

34. GIS data of geomorphic features at Beaver Lake-Amery Oasis [ASAC_1071_Geomorphic_Map]
The data include a 1:10,000 scale map of the surfical glacial and periglacial features of the Amery Oasis, East Antarctica. Features currently include: areas covered by exposed bedrock, fluvial sediments ...

35. Collaborative Research: Fjord Ecosystem Structure and Function on the West Antarctic Peninsula - Hotspots of Productivity and Biodiversity? (FjordEco) award#1443733 [USAP-1443733_1]
Marine communities along the western Antarctic Peninsula are highly productive ecosystems which support a diverse assemblage of charismatic animals such as penguins, seals, and whales as well as commercial ...

36. Report on Field Work Carried Out In Northern Prince Charles Mountains (NPCM), 1988/89 [npcm_report_1988]
The Glaciology program for 1988/89 consisted of studies of the dynamics and mass flux of the Lambert Glacier in the vicinity of the grounding line between the Lambert and Amery Ice Shelf, and of the ...

Sentinel-1A Dual-pol ground range detected full resolution images

Sentinel-1A Dual-pol ground projected high and full resolution images

Sentinel-1A Dual-pol ground projected medium resolution images

Sentinel-1A Dual-pol ground range detected full resolution metadata

Sentinel-1A Dual-pol ground projected high and full resolution metadata

Sentinel-1A Dual-pol ground projected medium resolution metadata

Sentinel-1A Metadata for OCN product

Metadata for Sentinel-1A level zero product

Metadata for Sentinel-1A slant-range product

SENTINEL-1A Level 2 Ocean wind, wave and current data

Sentinel-1A level zero product

Sentinel-1A Single-pol ground range detected full resolution images

Sentinel-1A Single-pol ground projected high and full resolution images

Sentinel-1A Single-pol ground projected medium resolution images

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