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1. Salmon energy - data on the feeding, growth, condition and energetics of juvenile pink salmon field accomplished through sampling, laboratory analyses and modeling. Gulf of Alaska 2001-2004 [Salmon_energy_LTOP_CGOA]
The goal of the salmon energy project is to determine how pink salmon in the northern Gulf of Alaska are affected by variation in the plankton production system during their first months at sea. This ...

2. Zooplankton counts for tucker trawls in the Gulf of Alaska 2001 - 2003 [tucker_catch_CGOA_NEP]
The tucker trawl surveys occurred along the coastal waters of the Gulf of Alaska during 2001-2003. Transects sampled during the survey were perpendicular to shore and extended from nearshore across ...

3. Factors Affecting the Distribution of Juvenile Salmon in the Gulf of Alaska 2001-2003 [salmon_juv_diet_LTOP_CGOA]
The purpose of this research is to focus National Marine Fisheries Service studies on the GLOBEC region, augment oceanographic measurements and determine what biological and physical factors influence ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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