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1. Former Soviet Union Livestock Inventories, Production, and Productivity [USDA_96008]
To provide livestock production data for the Former Soviet Union. Dataset includes monthly, quarterly, and annual data for livestock inventories, production, and productivity of former Soviet Republics; ...

2. CONUS Soil Database for the Conterminous United States [PSU_CONUS_SOIL]
CONUS-SOIL is a multi-layer soil characteristics data set for the conterminous United States which has been specifically designed for regional and continental-scale climate, hydrology, and ecosystem ...

3. Ecoregions of the United States and the World USDA/FS/IMI [USDA_ECOREGIONS]
"Description of the Ecoregions of the United States" is a volume that was originally published in 1978 to provide a general description of the ecosystem geography of the Nation as shown on the 1976 ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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