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1. Interplanetary Monitoring Platform (IMP-8) Cosmic Ray Nuclear Composition (CRNC) Data [IMP8_UNH]
IMP-8 (IMP-J) was launched by NASA on October 26, 1973 to measure the magnetic fields, plasmas, and energetic charged particles (e.g., cosmic rays) of the Earth's magnetotail and magnetosheath and ...

2. Solar Images and Spectra from the Yohkoh Spacecraft [Yohkoh-01]
This data set consists of data from all four instruments on board the Yohkoh spacecraft (formerly called Solar-A). Data are held as proprietary for two years after collection (although more recent ...

3. Narrow Field Of View Data Products from Nimbus-7 Earth Radiation Budget [ERB_NFOV]
Four Narrow-Field-of-View (NFOV) Nimbus-7 Earth Radiation Budget (ERB) products are described: Scene Radiance Tape (SRT), Maximum Likelihood Cloud Estimation (MLCE), Sorting into Angular Bins (SAB), ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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