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1. Investigation into the environmental factors that drive microbial diversity in the soils of the Miers Valley, Mt Erebus, Bratina Island and Beacon Valley [K023_2005_2007_NZ_1]   PARENT METADATA
Modern molecular phylogenetics, in conjunction with sensitive mineral surface geochemical analysis, was used to determine the quantitative and qualitative distribution of micro-organism in Dry Valley ...

2. Microbial diversity and the environmental factors that drive the microbial community in the Ross Sea Region [K023_2004_2008_NZ_1]   CHILD METADATA
The Antarctic environment has recently been shown to support a high level of diversity of bacteria in the soil given the simplicity and extreme nature of the habitat. Understanding the relationship ...

3. Soil pit description and analysis (thin sections, cation and anion chemistry of soluble salts) from Beacon, Arena and Pearce Valley to determine the origin of ground ice at high elevations in the Dry Valleys [K047_2001_2002_NZ_1]
The origin of ground ice at high elevations (>1000m) throughout the Dry Valleys of Antarctica was investigated as the origin is unclear because there is no obvious comtemporary source of water. A ...

4. Soil, relic ice, permafrost, Hart Ash and granite samples from the Lower Victoria Valley, Beacon Valley, near the Meserve Glacier in Wright Valley, and Kennar Valley to determine the deposition of this ice [K047_2004_2006_NZ_1]
Ancient glacial ice that has stagnated and lies buried underneath rock debris has been found in the Beacon Valley and more recently in several other valleys. This ice poses the possibility of obtaining ...

5. GIS analysis, biological samples (soil microorganism, invertebrate and plant), automatic weather station data and vegetation and invertebrate surveys to determine the terrestrial biocomplexity of the McMurdo Dry Valleys - K020_2008_2012_NZ_1 [K020_2008_2012_NZ_1]
The McMurdo Dry Valleys are the largest area of snow-free land in Antarctica. Managers ability to promote and protect these areas would benefit if we knew the biodiversity present and what controls ...

6. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) and Photogrammetry, electrical resistivity tomography (ERT), electromagnetic and topography data of polygonal patterned ground in the Victoria and Beacon Valleys [K054_2006_2007_NZ_1]
To understand the subsurface properties of polygonal patterned ground (PPG) and to attempt to resolve competing theories of PPG activity, non-invasive, non-destructive geophysical methods were used ...

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