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1. Vegetation communities, species distribution and foliar morphology as indicators of climate change on Marion Island [ASAC_1015_MarionIs]
Altitudinal variations in vegetation community composition, species ranges and foliar morphology were collected on subantarctic Marion Island. Two altitudinal transects on the eastern slopes of the ...

2. A dataset of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic invertebrates [block_invertebrates]
The dataset was compiled from papers entered into Block's bibliography of invertebrate occurrences in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic. The dataset provides a comprehensive list of all terrestrial ...

3. Corrosivity Mapping of Antarctica utilising exposure of standard alloy coupons [ASAC_537]
Antarctica is the world's coldest, driest, highest and least polluted continent. Accepted wisdom is that atmospheric corrosion rates in Antarctica should be low because of the extreme dry cold. ...

4. Regional Sensitivity to Climate Change in Antarctic Terrestrial Ecosystems [RiSCC]: the periantarctic region [ASAC_1015]
This project is looking at how subantarctic plants and ecosystems will respond to climate change. Global warming is already causing changes in terrestrial ecosystems, and the effects on terrestrial ...

5. Systematics of antarctic plants [ASAC_2361]
Taxonomic studies will utilise primarily the existing AAD collections (approximately 25000) from the herbarium (ADT) with supplemental collections from Antarctica (particularly Victoria Land) and ...

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