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1. A testbed for zooplankton models of the Irish Sea [GLOBEC_059_UK_009]   PARENT METADATA
The aim is to establish a numerical model system providing a robust 3-dimensional physical environment within which ecosystem and zooplankton models of different structure and complexity will be compared ...

2. Estimation of marine primary production by satellite remote sensing [GLOBEC_061_UK_011]   PARENT METADATA
The main objective is to derive estimates of primary production from satellite ovservations of ocean colour. Data will be available for oceanic and stratified shelf waters within months of the start ...

3. Modelling the persistence of zooplankton in the Irish Sea using optimal vertical migration patterns [GLOBEC_058_UK_008]   PARENT METADATA
The persistence of different species of zooplankton within a region is dependent on their vertical migration behaviour. Such behaviour is influenced by many factors, including food availability and ...

4. The Collection of High Resolution Spatial and Temporal surface data from the Irish Sea during 2000 [GLOBEC_060_UK_010]   PARENT METADATA
The aim is to acquire high resolution spatial and temporal surface data for numerical modelling of Irish Sea processes. Emphasis will be on collection of nitrate and silicate data using an autonomous ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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