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1. Precision Corrected TM or SPOT Data Covering all of Sweden [SSC_Sweden_Data]
SSC Satellitbild, Kiruna, Sweden has produced a digital terrain type database covering all of Sweden. A total of 900 map sheets each covering an area of 25x25 square km was produced between ...

2. Air and Sea Conditions off the Swedish Coast; Water, Ice and Snow Data; and Hourly Observations and Climatic Data for Sweden (1858-1935) [NCL00147_148_149]
The Swedish Coast data resides in 6 books, 'Svenska Hydrografisk-Biologiska Komissionens Fyrskeppsundersokning' (C/dab AO-2) written in Swedish. The data contained in these books are daily and monthly ...

3. Daily, Monthly, and Seasonal Climatic Maps for Eastern Sweden, Finland, and the Eastern USSR (1851-1936) [NCL00132]
Climatic data resides in 1 book, 'Suomen Maantieteen Kasikirja Sulkaissut Suomen Manntieteelinen Seura Eripainos' (C/dab J65su) written in Finnish, English notes. The data contained in this book are ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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