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1. Bathymetry/depth measurements made at Long Fjord, Vestfold Hills by drilling through sea ice [Long_Fjord_Depth_Measurements_2007]
Water depth measurements were taken in Long Fjord during early winter in 2007. The measurements were collected by Graham Cook, station leader at Davis Station in the Australian Antarctic Territory. ...

2. Biodiversity and ecophysiology of Antarctic sea-ice bacteria [ASAC_1012]
The data set includes information relevant for the study and description of sea-ice bacteria contains the following dataset subgroups and is organised by REFERENCE number. 1) Isolation data: strain ...

3. Bathymetric data of Long and Tryne Fjords at Vestfold Hills, Antarctica, collected in December 1999 [VH_bathy_99]
This dataset contains 102 depth measurements of the water column in Long and Tryne fjords, which are in the northern Vestfold Hills, Prydz Bay, Antarctica. Sea ice thickness and snow thickness were ...

4. The Biochemistry, Ecology and Organic Geochemistry of Phaeocystis pouchetii communities of Davis Base, Antarctica [ASAC_113]
This metadata record covers ASAC projects 113, 191 and 625. (ASAC_113, ASAC_191, ASAC_625). The total lipid, fatty acid, sterol and pigment composition of water column particulates collected near ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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