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1. Geochemical and geomorphological investigations of the McMurdo Dry Valleys freshwater and saline water bodies [K211_1963_1987_NZ_1]   CHILD METADATA
Since the 1963-1964 season, Japanese scientists have studied major and trace elements, nutrient matter, stable and radioactive isotopes and organic constituents in lakes and ponds and geological samples ...

2. Lake Vida Uranium/Thorium Dates [LAKE_VIDA_U-TH]
These are uranium-thorium dates of lacustrine carbonates that help to determine the age of ancient lake deposits at Lake Vida and, when compared to radiocarbon ages, yield information ...

3. Analysis of shallow cores (stratigraphy, thickness and facies analysis, ageing) from Allan Hills and Table Mountain and assessment of contamination of diesel drilling fluid from DVDP-6 core, Lake Vida, 1972 [K047_2000_2001_NZ_1]
Shallow coring of permafrost glacial sediments was completed of the Sirius Group at Allan Hills to provide stratigraphic cores for thickness and facies analysis and at Table Mountain for comparative ...

4. Geophysical studies of Lake Vanda, Wright Valley, including lake water and ice parameters and geomorphological studies of the surrounding physical environment with comparisons with other nearby water bodies [K211_1970_1973_NZ_1]   PARENT METADATA
A geophysical study of Lake Vanda, Wright Valley was conducted over three seasons focussing on the heat balance of the lake with geochemical and geomorphological studies running concurrently. Comparisons ...

5. Geophysical surveys (electromagnetic and GPR) of hydrocarbon contaminated soils at Scott Base, Marble Point, Bull Pass and Lake Vida [K054_2000_2002_NZ_1]
To determine how hydrocarbon contamination of Antarctic soils alters the geophysical response, and if so what was the nature of this response, was investigated at Scott Base with electromagnetic and ...

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