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1. Rio Puerco Soils Data: 1987-1988 [USDA0388]
"Rio Puerco Soils Data: 1987-1988" is an extensive, short-term database studying soil/vegetation relations. It is used for research and monitoring; includes soil chemical/physical data; and horizon ...

2. Rio Puerco Watershed Soils Data: 1986-1988 [USDA0391]
"Rio Puerco Watershed Soils Data: 1986-1988" is a large, short-term database of semi-arid grass/shrubland studying soil/vegetation relationships. Data are compiled by the Range Management Station/Bureau ...

3. Sevilleta LTER: 1986-1989 [USDA0392]
"Sevilleta LTER: 1986-1989" is a study of Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge; confluence of three arid/semiarid biomes in New Mexico. This dataset includes vegetation dynamics, soil/vegetation relations, ...

4. Soils Data: El Malpais Lava Badlands, New Mexico, 1988 [USDA0393]
"Soils Data: El Malpais Lava Badlands, New Mexico, 1988" is a soil/vegetation relationship database of El Malpais Lava Badlands, New Mexico. Its purpose is to provide soil chemical physical data, ...

5. California Wildlife and Toxicity Database [cepa_oehha_cal_ecotox]
The California Wildlife Exposure Factor and Toxicity Database (Cal/Ecotox) is a compilation of exposure factors (i.e., ecological and physiological data) and toxicity data for a number of California ...

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