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1. Pacific Island Network Marine Fish Monitoring Dataset - Transects [PACN_FISH_TRANSECT]
The benthic marine community in the Pacific Island Network (PACN) is a complex ecologic system and a diverse taxonomic environment, including algae and corals and other invertebrates. Reef-building ...

2. Seamap Data - Live Bottom 1982-1999 [SEAMAP_LIVE_BOTTOM]
This data set consists of epibenthic organisms found in nets during trawls on the Texas-Louisiana-Mississippi continental shelf conducted as part of ...

3. Taxonomic Review of Category 2 Species, brdsar0001 - Parent Taxonomic Review Metadata [BRDSAR0001]
More than 1,600 species and subspecies of animals in the United States are presently proposed for listing as endangered or threatened. These taxa are designated Category II Species by the U.S. Fish ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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