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1. The effects of pH and drugs on miniature end plate current decay in extraocular muscles of the Antarctic fish Pagothenia borchgrevinki [K012_1982_1983_NZ_2]
Previous experiments indicated that miniature end plate currents (MEPCs) from extraocular muscles of Antarctic fish decay significantly faster than MEPCs from New Zealand temperate fish. As the Antarctic ...

2. Measurement and comparison of miniature end plate currents between notothenioid Antarctic fish species [K012_1998_2000_NZ_2]
To determine if cold-adaptation of neuromuscular ion currents, as reported for Mini End Plate Currents (MEPCs) of one Antarctic fish species, Pagothenia borchgrevinki is a widespread feature of ther ...

3. Miniature end plate currents recorded from Pagothenia borchgrevinki muscle at different temperatures and measurements of the function of the oculomotor (eye movement response) control system [K012_1981_1982_NZ_1]
Miniature end plate currents (MEPC) were recorded from fish muscle of Pagothenia borchgrevinki to test the hypothesis that the high proportion of unsaturated lipids will result in increased membrane ...

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