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1. Regional Satellite Data made from NOAA-11 AVHRR GAC Data on Weekly Base, which covers the Area with 30E to 160E in Lon. and 20S to 60N in Lat. [RS-D_NOAA_11_GAC]
These data set are Weekly Regional Satellite Data (WRSD) and Monthly Regional Satellite Data (MRSD). The WRSD data are made from 6 path's GAC data on NOAA-11 AVHRR on a weekly base and the MRSD are ...

2. Shuttle Imaging Radar B (SIR-B) Earth Surface Imagery [84-108A-01A]
This data set contains earth images acquired by the imaging radar, SIR-B, on board the space shuttle Challenger in October 1985. This imagery includes several independent data takes which provide ...

3. ETI CD - Arthropods of Economic Importance - Eurasian Torticidae [ETI_Arthropinteractive]
This CD-ROM holds an interactive identification guide and information source on economically important tortricids in Europe and Asia for all applied entomologists working in agriculture, forestry ...

4. ICE Protected Area Biological Inventory Database [UC_ICE_biologicalinventory]
The ICE Biological Inventories of the World's Protected Areas provide a global information system of documented inventories of plants and animals reported to occur on the world's protected ...

5. IPCC NonClimate Baseline Data for Australasia [IPCC_nonclimate_Australasia]
Baseline information is available for the following sectors for Australasia: Population and Human Development, Economic conditions, Land cover / Land use, Water, Agriculture / Food, Energy, Biodiversity. ...

6. Former Soviet Union Monthly Precipitation Archive, 1891-1993 [NSIDC-0059]
This data set was distributed by NSIDC until October 2003, when it was withdrawn from distribution because it duplicated, what was then, the NOAA National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) data set DSI-3720. ...

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