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1. CO2 and CH4 Surface Flux, Soil Profile Concentrations, and Stable Isotope Composition, Barrow, Alaska, 2012-2013 [Soil_profiles_of_trace_gas_concentrations_and_stable_isotopes]
In August-October 2012 and June-October 2013, co-located measurements were made of surface CH4 and CO2 flux, soil pore space concentrations and stable isotope compositions of CH4 and CO2, and subsurface ...

2. BOREAS HYD-01 Soil Hydraulic Properties [BOREAS_H01_SHD]
The BOREAS HYD-01 team made several measurements related to soil moisture and soil properties. These soil hydraulic properties were determined at the flux tower sites based on analysis of in situ ...

3. LBA-ECO ND-02 Soil Volumetric Water Content, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil [ND02_REE_SOIL_VWC]
This data set reports monthly measured soil volumetric water content (VWC) from a rainfall exclusion experiment that was conducted from 1999-2001 at the km 67 Seca Floresta site, Tapajos National ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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