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1. The intrusive magmatism of the Ross Orogeny, Victoria Land, Antarctica [rocchi_magmatism_ross_orogeny]
The Transantarctic Mountains are the uplifted roots of the Ross-Delamerian orogen, that was active on the East Antarctic-Australia craton margin during Cambrian-Ordovician time. Magmas of mantle, ...

2. Volcanic Loading: The Dust Veil Index, CDIAC NDP-013 [CDIAC_NDP13]
Lamb (1970) formulated the Dust Veil Index (DVI) in an attempt to quantify the impact on the Earth's energy balance of changes in atmospheric composition due to explosive volcanic eruptions. The ...

3. Infrasonic Observatory data from the NOAA Environmental Technology Laboratory [OAR0081]
The Infrasonic Observatory is an array of infrasonic microphones located at the Boulder Atmospheric Observatory in Erie, Colorado. The array measures the direction, pressure amplitude, elevation ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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