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1. Gridded Species Distribution: Global Mammal Richness Grids, 2015 Release [CIESIN_SEDAC_SPECIES_MAM_RICH15_2015.00]
The 2015 Release of the Global Mammal Richness Grids data set of the Gridded Species Distribution collection are aggregations of the presence grids data for the entire class, individual families, ...

2. Undergrowth Project (Wildlife), USDA/FS [USDA_FS68]
To manage forest undergrowth for diversity and abundance of wildlife. The purpose of the long-term "Undergrowth Project (Wildlife)" project is to describe undergrowth and small mammal response to ...

3. Undergrowth and Small Mammal Response to Overstory, USDA/FS [USDA_FS67]
"Undergrowth and Small Mammal Response to Overstory" is a long-term dataset that describes undergrowth response to overstory thinning and deer browsing. The purpose of this dataset is to describe ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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