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1. Title Mapping, Alberta, Canada [Canada_AltaLis_TitleMapping]
Title mapping is a GIS-ready dataset containing linework showing the extent of ownership as indicated in the Certificates of Title registered at Alberta LTO (Land Titles Offices) with ...

2. 1:250,000 Scale Quadrangles of Land Use/Land Cover GIRAS Spatial Data in the Conterminous U.S. [EPA_GIRAS]
This is land use/land cover digital data collected by USGS and converted to ARC/INFO by the EPA. This data is useful for environmental assessment of land use patterns with ...

3. Aircraft Scanners - AERIALDIGI [AERIALDIGI]
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Aircraft Scanners data set contains digital imagery acquired from several multispectral scanners, including Daedalus thematic ...

4. Digital Geologic Map of Arizona; Arizona Geological Survey [EARTH_CRUST_AZ_DIGITAL_GEOL_MAP]
A digital geologic map of Arizona is now available from the Arizona Geological Survey. This data represents a digitized version of the 1:1,000,000 geologic map of Arizona [Reynolds, 1988]. The map ...

5. Europe 1:1,000,000 digital map data [EU_1TO1M_DIGITAL]
[Adapted from ""] Covering 52 countries, this pan-European dataset is available either as 22 separate vector layers for geographic analysis, or as ...

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