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1. Potential Effects of Interspecific Competition on Neosho Madtom (Noturus placidus) Populations [usgs_brd_cerc_d_neoshomadtom]
Previous research on the distribution of Neosho madtoms, which are Federally-listed as threatened, indicated a positive relationship between density of Neosho madtoms and cumulative density of other ...

2. Columbia River Dioxin Study [usepa_best03]
The Columbia River and segments of the Snake and Willamette Rivers are currently water quality limited due to the presence of elevated levels of 2,3,7,8-TCDD. As a result, U.S. EPA Region 10, established ...

3. Comparison of the Uptake of Dioxin-Like Compounds by Caged Channel Catfish and Semipermeable Membrane Devices in the Saginaw River Michigan [usgsbrdcerc_dioxincompounds]
Elevated concentrations of planar, halogenated hydrocarbons have been linked to reproductive problems in a variety of fish-eating birds and mammals in the Great Lakes and in particular Saginaw Bay. ...

4. Great Lakes Commercial Fishing Database [brdglsc0001]
The Great Lakes Commercial Fishing Database contains commercial fishing data from the United States. The states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin ...

5. Juvenile Seine Surveys of the Chesapeake Bay from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science [VIMS_SEINE_SURVEY]
The Virginia Institute of Marine Science initiated the juvenile striped bass seine survey in 1967. An index of abundance has been calculated every year since 1980 and is the ...

6. Maryland Biological Stream Survey [MD_DNR_BSS]
The Maryland Biological Stream Survey developed as a response to questions raised by the Maryland Synoptic Stream Survey of 1987 (see "Acid Deposition" pages for full discussion) and the MBSS Pilot ...

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