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1. Multiple-isotope Analysis of Nitrate and Sulfate in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Ice Core [thiemens_0538520]
The goal of this project is to use the isotopic composition of sulfate and nitrate in the WAIS Divide core to help place better constraints on the oxidant composition of the pre-industrial atmosphere. ...

2. LD2000 isotope stack - Law Dome d18O data 1800-1999 as annual averages [ASAC_757_LD2000]   PARENT METADATA
"LD2000" Isotope record: 1800AD-1999AD" This data set is that used in Schneider et al., 2006 and should be cited as such: Schneider, D. P., Steig, E. J., van Ommen, T. D., Dixon, ...

3. Law Dome d18O data 2100BP to 1996 as 4-year averages [ASAC_757_LD_d18O]   PARENT METADATA
LD2.1ky-grid4y - Law Dome d18O data 2100BP (Present=2000AD) to 1996 as 4-year averages. Data set used in: Jones, P.D. and M.E. Mann, Climate Over Past Millennia, Rev. Geo. 42(2), RG2002, doi:10.1029/2003RG000143, ...

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