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1. NOAA Interactive Atmospheric Data Visualization [NOAA_IADV]
The Interactive Atmospheric Data Visualization tool allows users to visualize carbon cycle trace gas measurements. The measurements provided for the visualization tool document the spatial and temporal ...

2. Downsizer—A Graphical User Interface-Based Application for Browsing, Acquiring, and Formatting Time-Series Data for Hydrologic Modeling [USGS_Downsizer]
The U.S. Geological Survey Downsizer is a computer application that selects, downloads, verifies, and formats station-based time-series data for environmental-resource models, particularly the Precipitation-Runoff ...

3. AeroStat: Online Platform for Statistical Inter-comparison of Aerosols [GES_DISC_Giovanni_Aerostat]   PARENT METADATA
AeroStat Giovanni allows online analysis of aerosol colocated with Aeronet stations. This user interface is used to obtain statistics of selected parameters. Scatter Plot, Time Series, and Lat-Lon ...

4. Surface-water statistics [USGS_SWSTAT]
Surface-water statistics (SWSTAT) contains a number of options for statistically analyzing time-series data. The time-series data are read from a Watershed Data Management (WDM) file. ...

5. PQL II - Program for Viewing Data [PASSCAL_PQL_II]   PARENT METADATA
PQL II is a program for viewing time-series data in any of four formats: MSEED, SEGY, SAC, or AH (though, to be honest, PASSCAL staff has not used the AH option). It is the second generation PQL, ...

6. Timesearcher: Visual Exploration of Time-Series Data [timesearcher]
Widespread interest in discovering features and trends in time- series has generated a need for tools that support interactive exploration. The Human Computer Interaction Lab has built a prototype ...

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