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1. Ashland Wildlife Research Area Bird Point Counts [USDA0135]
The purpose of this dataset is to monitor annual trends in abundance of forest birds. The data include bird detections at 96 points and are analyzed to monitor population trends. Collection Organization: ...

2. Ashland Wildlife Research Area Grouse Survey [USDA0136]
To determine density of drumming male grouse on study area. Data are currently used by FS scientists, University of Missouri and the Missouri Department of Conservation. Collection Organization: ...

3. Catalog of Long-Term Data Information, USDA/Forst Service Northeast Forest Experiment Station [USDA0143]
The purpose of this catalog is to list and describe in detail data sets collected by the Forest Service in the Northeast Forest Experiment Station. Detailed information for each data set includes: ...

4. China--Grain Statistics [USDA0427]
"China--Grain Statistics" is part of a series of databases entitled "Agricultueral Statistics Database for the People's Republic of China". It is a comprehensive database of national, regional, and ...

5. State Fact Sheets [USDA0336]
The "State Fact Sheets" provide the most recently available farm and rural data compiled by the Economic Research Service, USDA. It provide 2 pages of facts for each state and also a summary fact ...

6. Agricultural Statistics of the European Community, 1960-1985 [USDA0026]
The Agricultural Statistics of the European Community, 1960-1985 contains extensive time series data on European Community agricultural economics. This includes macroeconomics data such as population, ...

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