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1. AVHRR derived Northeastern U.S. Landcover [EOSWEBSTER_PnET_Land_Input_NE]   PARENT METADATA
This dataset, used as in input to the PnET model, (see parent DIF) was formed by Scott Ollinger at a resolution of 30 arc sec (about 1 kilometer) from a dataset first extracted by R.G. Lathrop and ...

2. An Ecosystem Model of Carbon, Nitrogen and Water Balances in Forests [EOSWEBSTER_PnET_Ecosystem_Model]   CHILD METADATA
PnET (net photosynthesis / evapotranspiration) is a nested series of models of carbon (C), water and nitrogen dynamics in forest ecosystems. The models can be used to predict transient ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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