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1. Agricultural, Geographic and Population data for Counties in the Contiguous United States [EOSWEBSTER_US_County_Data]   CHILD METADATA
Annual crop data from 1972 to 1998 are now available on EOS-WEBSTER. These data are county-based acreage, production, and yield estimates published by the National Agricultural Statistics ...

2. Analysis Products on Water Quality [NRCS_NRI_SotL_WATER_QUALITY]
All of the maps, figures and tables for NRI's water quality are taken from publications. Many of the publications discuss the use of fertilizer, pesticide, or manure. Several of the maps are taken ...

3. Analysis Products on Wetlands [NRCS_NRI_SotL_WETLANDS]
The Wetland maps use 1992 and earlier data. These maps show the location of different types of wetlands. The wetlands may be on crop, pasture, range, forest, developed or rural land. Some of the ...

4. China County Data Collection, Land Use [EOSWEBSTER_China_County_Data_5]   PARENT METADATA
The Land Use dataset contains three variables which help describe the agricultural land use for China counties. The three variables are: 1) Cropland area (hectares), 2) Pastureland and Grassland area ...

5. Geography, Land Use and Population data for Counties in the Contiguous United States [EOSWEBSTER_US_County_Data_4-5]   PARENT METADATA
Two datasets provide geographic, land use and population data for US Counties within the contiguous US. Land area, water area, cropland area, farmland area, pastureland area and idle cropland area ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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