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1. Biology of lichen communities in Antarctica. [CNDA-ESP_LIQ_PAD]   CHILD METADATA
In English: This dataset contains information on the registered data on studies of the biology of lichen communities in Antarctica. This dataset is also the parent record ...

2. Lichen study in the South Shetland Islands. [CNDA-ESP_ANT92-0016-E_LIQ_03]   PARENT METADATA
In English: Scientific objectives: -Study of nitrogen fixation in Leptogium puberulum with respect to photosynthetic rate under natural condition; -Microclimatic study of lichenous biotopes where ...

3. Assessment of the importance of biological nitrogen fixation in the terrestrial ecosytem: Nitrogen fixation rates of Nostoc cyanobacterial mats in the Garwood Valley and at Cape Royds [K053_1986_1987_NZ_1]
Microbes with the nitrogenase enzyme on mosses and soils, particularly the cyanobacteria Nostoc, were examined to investigate the extent and magnitude of the nitrogen fixation process. Sample cores ...

4. Study of N and C cycles and the effect of UV radiation on microbial Antarctic communities [CNDA-ESP_ANT1999-1319-E]
IN ENGLISH: The data collected were: -Study of the UV natural radiation effect on 3 different communities using filters with different wide radiation strip. -Samples to determinate the effect on ...

5. Study of N2 fixation and UV radiation on cyanobacterial mats in continental Antarctica [CNDA-ESP_ANT96-2174-E]
IN ENGLISH: The data were taken in the lagoon thaw zone situated in the Mc Murdo Ice Shelf zone, next to Bratina Island. The following was taken: -Samples of cyanobacterial communities in 13 lagoons ...

6. Nitrogen Fixation in Seagrass Lagoons [USDA0549]
The data in "Nitrogen Fixation in Seagrass Lagoons" has the purpose of helping to better understand factors which exclude N-fixing cyanobacteria from the plankton of estuaries and coastal seas; helping ...

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