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1. A Fortran Program for Transient Rainfall Infiltration and Grid-Based Regional Slope-Stability Analysis [USGS_TRIGRS]
TRIGRS (Transient Rainfall Infiltration and Grid-based Regional Slope-Stability Model) is a Fortran program for computing transient pore-pressure changes, and attendant changes in the factor of safety, ...

2. Land Use Evolution and Impact Assessment Model [UIUC_LEAM]
The Land Use Evolution and Impact Assessment Model (LEAM) its development, and its application to several regions within the continental United States is conducted and managed by a team of faculty, ...

3. FRAGSTATS: Spatial Pattern Analysis Program for Categorical Maps [LANDECO_FRAGSTATS]
FRAGSTATS is a spatial pattern analysis program for categorical maps. The landscape subject to analysis is user-defined and can represent any spatial phenomenon. FRAGSTATS simply quantifies the areal ...

4. LViz - LiDAR and other point cloud visualization tool [LViz]
The LViz - LiDAR / ALSM 3D Visualization tool was developed by Jeffrey Conner in the Active Tectonics Research Group at Arizona State University. Designed for 3D visualization of LiDAR / ALSM point ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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