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1. Chemical and Physical Characteristics of the Great Lakes (1965-1978) [GLERL0002]
The yearly investigations for the years 1965 to 1974 were formulated and directed by Dr. Arthur P. Pinsak (retired). The 1975 cruises were planned and directed by Gerald L. Bell and Dr. Richard L. ...

2. Great Lakes National Program [epa_glnp]
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency maintains the Great Lakes Program which has among other components Human Health, Contaminated Sediments, ecosystem studies, monitoring, lakes, pollution prevention, ...

3. Computerized Bathymetry and Shorelines of the Great Lakes (1980) [GLERL0001]
Bathymetric gridded data and digitized shorelines were compiled for the five Great Lakes (Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario) and Lake St. Clair. The bathymetric grids ...

4. Great Lakes Monthly Hydrologic Data (1860-1990) [GLERL0007]
Accurate hydrologic data (over-lake precipitation, runoff, lake evaporation, net basin supplies, connecting channel flows, diversion flows, beginning-of-month lake levels, and changes in storage) ...

5. Oxygen and Carbon Isotopic Data from Wellington Creek, Lorain County, Ohio [CSUOHIO_CESTP_EDP_19960010]
Oxygen isotopic values have been obtained from microsamples of the aragonitic freshwater bivalves Sphaerium striatinum (Pisidiidae) and Anodonta grandis (Unionidae) alive from Wellington Creek, Ohio. ...

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