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1. Equatorial Pacific Coral Paleoclimate Data [EARTH_OCEAN_NGDC_PALEO_CORAL1]   CHILD METADATA
A set of Coral Data from the Pacific relevant to paleoclimate studies is available via FTP from the World Data Center for Paleoclimatology at NCDC in Boulder, Colorado USA. See below for access instructions. ...

2. Calcium Carbonate Percent from Marine Sediments [EARTH_LAND_NGDC_PALEOCLIM_CARB1]
This data set contains calcium carbonate percentage data from marine sediment cores, plus C14 dates or age models as available, and NCDC's display software. The analyses were done for the CLIMAP ...

3. Foraminifer Census Counts and SST estimates from Marine Sediments of North Atlantic Ocean [EARTH_LAND_NGDC_PALEOCLIM_FORAM]
This directory contains foraminifer census counts and SST (Sea Surface Temperature) estimates derived from marine sediment cores from the north Atlantic Ocean. The data were provided to NGDC by Dr. ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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