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1. RORA: The recession-curve-displacement method for estimating recharge [USGS_RORA]
The computer program RORA estimates groundwater recharge using the recession-curve-displacement method. The method is based on the change in total potential groundwater discharge that is caused by ...

2. Metopizer - Collection of Tools for Manipulating CCSDS Instrument Source Packets [EUMETSAT_Metopizer]
MetOpizer is a collection of programs, each manipulating input files in a specific way. The components of MetOpizer are each put together using the same basic design with the intention being to eliminate ...

3. Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) Level 2 G Reader [NASA_ozoneaq_l2g_reader]
The L2g reader is a piece of IDL software designed to read the level 2g files which are produced for a number of Ozone Monitoring Instrument products. The L2g data file is an amalgamation of a days ...

4. A Simple Parser for the PARASOL Format [icare_parasolascii]
PARASOLASCII displays the data from the PARASOL binary files in plain text. You specify the data you want to be displayed, in the order you wish, and they will be extracted into columns (separated ...

5. OpenMTP Tools: Tools to Read and Visualize OpenMTP Data (METEOSAT) [ICARE_OpenMTP]
The OpenMTP tools contains a list of tools for reading and visualizing METEOSAT data in OpenMTP format. It supports: - mapping (lat,lon) coordinates to (i,j) pixel indexes and vice-versa - data extraction ...

6. Lidar Altitude Data Read Routine [LARC_read_calipso_altitudes]
The Lidar Altitude Data Read Routine demonstrates reading the lidar altitude data stored in CALIPSO Lidar Level 1B Profile, Level 2 Aerosol Profile, and Level 2 Cloud Profile products. It is written ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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