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1. Cropping Practices Survey Data [USDA0429]
"Cropping Practices Survey Data" is a set of databases that contain information on nutrient and pesticide use by farmers, tillage practices, and related data for major field crops. It also contains ...

2. Fertilizer Use and Price Statistics, 1964-1991 [USDA0048]
The data contained on this disk includes most of the historical information pertaining to State and U.S. fertilizer use statistics for four major crops: corn, cotton, soybeans, and wheat from 1964 ...

3. Food Consumption, Prices, and Expenditures [USDA0313]
"Food Consumption, Prices, and Expenditures" is a statistical bulletin that presents historical data on per capita consumption of major food commodities in the United States, including the basic data ...

4. Long-term Forest Nutrient Cycling and Productivity Plots at North Central Forest Station [USDA0152]
The purpose of this dataset is to evaluate the short- and long-term impacts of harvesting and stand conversion in the aspen type growth, nutrient capital, and nutrient cycling. The dataset includes ...

5. Management of Soil, Water, and Nitrogen Resources to Protect Ground Water Quality [USDA0547]
The purpose of "Management of Soil, Water, and Nitrogen Resources to Protect Ground Water Quality" is to aid in the development of soil, water, and crop management practices to more effectively use ...

6. South Dakota Soil Test Results [USDA0130]
The purpose of this dataset is to provide state-wide spatial- and time-dependent analysis of essential soil nutrients. Collection Organization: CSREES - South Dakota State University; Plant Science ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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