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1. AVHRR Leads-ARI Polar Gridded Brightness Temperatures, Version 1 [NSIDC-0026_1]
This data set consists of AVHRR imagery selected from hard copy 'quick look' images to provide the best coverage possible over the Arctic approximately every three days for a three-year period. Level-1B ...

2. Active layer physical processes at Broeggerhalvoya, western Spitsbergen, Version 1 [GGD239_1]
These data have been collected from an Arctic desert site (latitude 78o57'29N, longitude 12o27'42E), Broeggerhalvoya in western Spitsbergen, 10 km NW from Ny Alesund, 45 m above sea level, 2 km ...

3. Airborne Cloud Radar (ACR) Reflectivity, Wakasa Bay, Japan, Version 1 [NSIDC-0212_1]
This data set includes 94 GHz co- and cross-polarized radar reflectivity. The Airborne Cloud Radar (ACR) sensor was mounted to a NASA P-3 aircraft flown over the Sea of Japan, the Western Pacific ...

4. CLPX-Ground: Ground Based Passive Microwave Radiometer (GBMR-7) Data, Version 1 [NSIDC-0165_1]
This data set contains brightness temperature observations of the snow cover at the Local Scale Observation Site (LSOS) of the Cold Land Processes Field Experiment (CLPX) in Fraser, Colorado, USA.

5. CLPX-Ground: Micrometeorological Data at the Local Scale Observation Site (LSOS), Version 1 [NSIDC-0168_1]
This data set includes two sets of soil temperature profiles, two sets of soil moisture profiles, two sets of soil heat flux profiles (in dense pine and open pine areas), and one set of a snow temperature ...

6. CLPX-Model: Land Data Assimilation System (LDAS) Data, Version 1 [NSIDC-0181_1]
The LDAS data set contains 43 model and observation-based fields produced by the LDAS uncoupled modeling system at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center using the Mosaic Land Surface Model (LSM).

7. Meteorology and soil temperatures, Hot Weather Creek, Ellesmere Island, NWT, Canada, Version 1 [GGD220_1]
The instrumentation was installed in June 1988 and was initially maintained by the Arctic Adaptation Division Canadian Climate Centre, Atmospheric Environment Service (CCC/AES) with field support ...

8. Monthly Summaries of Soil Temperature and Soil Moisture at Oil Contamination Sites in Antarctica, Version 1 [GGD626_1]
To determine the effects of oil spills on soil temperature and moisture, soil climate stations were built at existing contamination sites -- Scott Base, Marble Point, Bull Pass, and nearby control ...

9. Permafrost-related micrometeorology and soil temperatures, Qingzang Plateau, China, Version 1 [GGD486_1]
These data sets include Surface Meteorological Data (D100, D105, Tanggula Pass, Wetland), Ground Temperature (D100, D105, Tanggula Pass, Wetland), Soil Moisture Data, Evaporation, and soil physical ...

10. SMEX02 Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) Station 2031, Ames, Iowa, Version 1 [NSIDC-0142_1]
This data set provides data from various sensors on the Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) station number 2031, located near Ames, Iowa, USA.

11. SMEX02 Soil Moisture Atmosphere Coupling Experiment (SMACEX), Iowa, Version 1 [NSIDC-0232_1]
This data set contains measurements collected from flights conducted in June and July 2002 over the Walnut Creek watershed in central Iowa, USA.

12. Soil temperatures at South Royalton, Vermont, USA, Version 1 [GGD489_1]
This data set presents half-hourly measurements of soil temperatures at depths of 0 to 60 cm, together with meteorological data (air temperature, precipitation, pressure, relative humidity, wind speed/direction, ...

13. ABoVE: CO2 and CH4 Fluxes and Meteorology at Flux Tower Sites, Alaska, 2015-2017 [AK_North_Slope_NEE_CH4_Flux_1562_1]
This dataset provides CO2 and CH4 fluxes and meteorological parameters from five eddy covariance (EC) tower sites located at Barrow (three sites), Atqasuk (ATQ) and Ivotuk (IVO), Alaska. These locations ...

14. AMAZE-08 Aerosol Characterization and Meteorological Data, Central Amazon Basin: 2008 [AMAZE-08_1308_1]
This data set provides measurements from the Amazonian Aerosol Characterization Experiment (AMAZE-08) carried out during the wet season from February 4 to March 21, 2008 in the central Amazon Basin. ...

15. AMS (Automated Met Station) Data (FIFE) [FIFE_AMS_DATA_12_1]
30 minute average meteorological data from NCARs Portable Automated Mesonet Station

16. AirMOSS: L2 Airborne Carbon Flux at Selected AirMOSS Sites, 2012-2014 [AirMOSS_L2_Carbon_Flux_1420_1]
This data set contains carbon flux measurements recorded by an aircraft at the Duke, Harvard, and Howland Forest sites during the summers of 2012-2014 as part of the Airborne Microwave Observatory ...

17. Aircraft Flux-Detrended: NRCC (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_DET_M_3_1]
Detrended boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over the Konza

18. Aircraft Flux-Detrended: U of Wy. (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_DET_K_4_1]
Detrended boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over the Konza

19. Aircraft Flux-Detrended: Univ. Col. (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_DET_G_5_1]
Detrended boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over the Konza

20. Aircraft Flux-Filtered: NRCC (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_FLT_M_6_1]
Filtered boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over the Konza

21. Aircraft Flux-Filtered: U of Wy. (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_FLT_K_7_1]
Filtered boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over the Konza

22. Aircraft Flux-Filtered: Univ. Col. (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_FLT_G_8_1]
Filtered boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over the Konza

23. Aircraft Flux-Raw: NRCC (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_RAW_M_9_1]
Raw (unmodified) boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over Konza

24. Aircraft Flux-Raw: U of Wy. (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_RAW_K_10_1]
Raw (unmodified) boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over Konza

25. Aircraft Flux-Raw: Univ. Col. (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_RAW_G_11_1]
Raw (unmodified) boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over Konza

26. Arctic Tundra Flux Study in the Kuparuk River Basin (Alaska), 1994-1996 [fluxnet_alaska_629_1]
CO2 and water vapor fluxes and ecosystem characteristics were measured at 24 sites along a 317-km transect from the Arctic coast to the latitudinal treeline in Alaska during the growing seasons of ...

27. BIGFOOT Meteorological Data for North and South American Sites, 1991-2004 [BIGFOOT_METEOROLOGICAL_1065_1]
The BigFoot Project has compiled daily meteorological measurements for nine EOS Land Validation Sites located from Alaska to Brazil from 1991 to 2004. Each site is representative of one or two distinct ...

28. BOREAS AFM-01 NOAA/ATDD Long-EZ Aircraft Flux Data over the SSA [BOREAS_MWLEZFLX_493_1]
Data include aircraft altitude, wind direction, wind speed, air temperature, potential temperature, water mixing ratio, U and V components of wind velocity, static pressure, surface radiative temperature, ...

29. BOREAS AFM-02 King Air 1994 Aircraft Flux and Moving Window Data [BOREAS_FAAMWDAT_237_1]
Contains mission information and moving window data for AFM-01 BOREAS flux aircraft runs during 1994. Contains mission information and data for AFM-02 BOREAS flux aircraft runs during 1994.

30. BOREAS AFM-02 Wyoming King Air 1994 Aircraft Sounding Data [BOREAS_AFM2AS94_494_1]
Parameters include wind direction, wind speed, west wind component (u), south wind component (v), static pressure, air dry bulb temperature, potential temperature, dewpoint, temperature, water vapor ...

31. BOREAS AFM-03 Electra 1994 Aircraft Flux and Moving Window Data [BOREAS_AFM3MW94_495_1]
Measurements of the fluxes of momentum, sensible and latent heat, carbon dioxide, and ozone over the entire BOREAS region to tie together measurements made in both the SSA and the NSA.

32. BOREAS AFM-04 Twin Otter Aircraft Flux Data [BOREAS_AFM4TOFX_497_1]
Measurements in the boundary layer of the fluxes of sensible and latent heat, momentum, ozone, methane, and carbon dioxide, plus supporting meteorological parameters such as temperature, humidity, ...

33. BOREAS AFM-08 ECMWF Hourly Surface and Upper Air Data for the SSA and NSA [BOREAS_ECMWF2_523_1]
Hourly data from the ECMWF operational model from below the surface to the top of the atmosphere, including the model fluxes at the surface, at Candle Lake, Saskatchewan, in the SSA and Thompson, ...

34. BOREAS AFM-13 Aircraft Flux Analyses [BOREAS_AFM13AFR_245_1]
Not technically a data set, this is a report of the cross-comparison of data collected by various flux aircraft. Reports of these analyses are available as TIF and ASCII files.

35. BOREAS Derived Surface Meteorological Data [BOREAS_SRFMETMD_249_1]
Contains surface meteorology data merged/interpolated from four BOREAS sites for the years 1994, 1995, and 1996.

36. BOREAS Follow-On DSP-01 NBIOME Level-4 AVHRR Land Cover, Canada, Ver. 1.1, 1995 [dsp01_ccrs_589_1]
This land cover product was produced by NBIOME to generate an up-to-date, spatially and temporally consistent land cover map of the landmass of Canada for use by scientists and other users interested ...

37. BOREAS Follow-On DSP-08 POLDER Atmospherically Corrected Surface Parameters, SSA [DSP08_SURFPAR_594_1]
This data set contains maps of surface reflectance and vegetation parameters derived from imagery collected by the POLDER instrument over BOREAS conifer tower sites in the Southern Study Area (SSA) ...

38. BOREAS Follow-On DSP-10 Regridded FPAR and LAI Maps for 1994 [DSP10_FPAR_LAI_585_1]
Existing TM and AVHRR based landcover maps, AVHRR-FPAR maps, AVHRR-LAI maps, moss cover maps, and a new peatland distribution map were regridded to scales of 2 km, 10 by 5 minute, and half-degree ...

39. BOREAS Follow-On DSP-10 Regridded Land Cover Maps for 1994 [dsp10_landcover_598_1]
These images were produced by aggregating the 1-km land cover classification by Lou Steyaert at multiple resolutions (2 km, 10x5 minutes, and 0.5 degree). These data were regridded for use by the ...

40. BOREAS Follow-On FLX-01 NSA-OBS Tower Flux, Meteorological, and Soil Temp. Data [flx01_tfx_604_1]
The BOREAS Follow-On FLX-01 team collected tower flux, surface meteorological, and soil temperature data at the BOREAS NSA-OBS site continuously from March 1994 through December 1998. Data from March ...

41. BOREAS Follow-On FLX-03 Area-Averaged Flux Data for the NSA and SSA [FLX3_AREA_AVG_586_1]
Calculations of area-averaged fluxes using extracted flux data from BORIS.

42. BOREAS Follow-On FLX-04 Tower Flux and Meteorological Data from NSA Burn Site [FLX4_NSA_BURN_587_1]
Tower flux and meteorological data were collected above 4 black spruce forest sites in the NSA that experienced stand-replacing wildfires in 1989,1981,1964 and 1930. At each site, 4-6 weeks of data ...

43. BOREAS Follow-On HMet-01 Level-2 GOES-8 1996 Shortwave and Longwave Radiation [hmet01_g8_l2_605_1]
The BOREAS RSS-14 team collected and processed several Level-1 GOES-7 and GOES-8 image data sets for 1994-1996, and GOES-7 Level-2 for 1994 over the BOREAS study region. This data set contains shortwave ...

44. BOREAS Follow-On HMet-02 Area and Regional Hourly Gridded Met. Data, 1994-1996 [hmet02_gridded_607_1]
Phase II and III gridded data sets have been generated by an objective analysis scheme using all of the surface meteorological station data over BOREAS region for 1994-1996. The meteorological variables ...

45. BOREAS Follow-On HMet-03 Hourly Meteorological Data at Flux Towers, 1994-1996 [hmet03_hourlymet_608_1]
Point data developed from in situ observations at four flux tower sites were combined to produce continuous, above the canopy, meteorological forcing data sets. Meteorological variables of interest ...

46. BOREAS Follow-On HMet-04 1996-1998 NSA Meteorological Data [hmet04_met_609_1]
As part of the BOREAS Follow-on, an extended period of data collection was supported in the NSA because of the continued efforts at the NSA-OBS site. This data set contains near-surface meteorological ...

47. BOREAS Follow-On MOD-01 Regional Daily Averaged Gridded Met. Data, 1994-1996 [mod01_met_p3_610_1]
The Phase 3 gridded data sets provided by HMet-01 on an hourly time step have been converted to averaged daily files by the MOD-01 group to reduce the size and number of files used for input to some ...

48. BOREAS HYD-02 Estimated Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) from Microwave Measurements [BOREAS_H02SWED_256_1]
Contains HYD-02 snow water equivalent derived from microwave measurements from aircraft.

49. BOREAS HYD-03 Subcanopy Radiation Data [BOREAS_H03SCRDD_266_1]
This table contains the sub-canopy radiation data collected by HYD-3.

50. BOREAS HYD-05 Bear Trap Creek and Namekus Lake Winter Surface Flux Data [BOREAS_H5FLXD_269_1]
Contains the HYD-05 flux, and meteorological measurements from Bear Trap Forest, Saskatchewan in the winter of 1994. Contains the HYD-05 flux, meteorological, and infrared thermometer measurements ...

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