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1. Climatic Resources Data Including Temperature, Precipitation, Frost, Evaporation, and Relative Humidity for China from WDC-D [CHINA_CLIM_RESOURCES]
The data of Climatic Resources includes: average length of day, average air temperature, highest and lowest temperature for every month, average frost-free period, average precipitation ...

2. Chinese Agricultural Resources; WDC-D [EARTH_LAND_WDCD_AG1]
The data on Chinese agricultural resources includes population of agricultural regions, number of farmworkers, area of cultivated land, area of irrigated land, land area used for main ...

3. Chinese Biological Resources; WDC-D [EARTH_LAND_WDCD_BIO]
The data of Biological Resources at WDC-D consists of the areas of types of woodland (natural forest, timber forest, tree farms, shelter forest, economic forest, bamboo forest, tree nurseries, ...

4. Chinese Land Resources; WDC-D [EARTH_CRUST_WDCD_LAND]
Data on land resources includes total land area of regions, cultivated land area, amount of land in paddies, irrigated and non-irrigated land, garden land, forest land, grassland, urban ...

5. Chinese Mineral Resources; WDC-D [EARTH_CRUST_WDCD_MIN1]
Data on mineral resources includes type of resources, amount of reserves, and information on the nature of the minerals.

6. Chinese Water Resources; WDC-D [EARTH_LAND_WDCD_WATER1]
Data on water resources in China includes: a) the area of the watershed, length, runoff depth, annual precipitation, average discharge, eigenvalue of river sediments, distribution of ...

7. Composition of Chinese Rocks; WDC-D [EARTH_CRUST_WDCD_ROCK1]
This is a database that describes the chemical analysis (major, minor, and trace elements) of six major rock types. They are used as test materials for calibrating instruments.

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