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1. Precision Corrected TM or SPOT Data Covering all of Sweden [SSC_Sweden_Data]
SSC Satellitbild, Kiruna, Sweden has produced a digital terrain type database covering all of Sweden. A total of 900 map sheets each covering an area of 25x25 square km was produced between ...

2. SPOT High Resolution Visible and Near Infrared Image Data from SSC Satellitbildin Kiruna, Sweden [SSC_Satellitbild_SPOT_data]
The high resolution sensor HRV operates in two modes: panchromatic (0.51-0.73 micrometer) with 10 meter resolution and multispectral (0.50-0.59, 0.61-0.68, and 0.79-0.89 micrometer) with ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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