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1. Nitrogen and Argon Isotope Data from GISP2 Ice Core [SEVERINGHAUS_GISP2]
Future Greenland temperature evolution will affect melting of the ice sheet and associated global sea-level change. Therefore, understanding Greenland temperature variability ...

2. Firn Accumulation Processes in Taylor Dome, Vostok and Siple Dome Ice Using Cosmogenic 14 C and 10Be as Tracers [lal_9909484]
This award is for support to develop a history of snow accumulation and physical processes occurring in the upper layers of ice deposited at several sites in Antarctica, using cosmogenic ...

3. GEOSAT/ERS-1 Marine Gravity Anomaly Data and Maps produced by Scripps and NOAA [SIO_NOAA_GEOSAT_ERS1_MARINEGRAV]
Upon the release of the previously classified data from the U.S. Navy GEOSAT satellite in July 1995, researchers from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and NOAA's National Ocean Service Office of ...

4. Low Frequency Acoustic Data Recorded West of the Antarctic Peninsula 2001-03 [SOGLOBEC_ARP0102data]
This data set contains low frequency (10-250 Hz), continuously sampled acoustic data. The set consists of data from 7 instruments (ARPs) with maximum of approximtely 28 GB per instrument. ...

5. Smith and Sandwell Global Seafloor Topography from Satellite Altimetry and Ship Depth Soundings (NOAA and Scripps Institution of Oceanography) [SIO_NOAA_SEAFLOORTOPO]
These data, available in poster and digital form, display measured and estimated seafloor topography. This new estimate of seafloor topography was obtained from shipboard depth soundings combined ...

6. Vostok Terminations II, III, and IV Argon and Nitrogen Isotopes [Severinghaus_OPP_01-25468]
This data set includes argon 40/36 and nitrogen 15/14 measurements across three glacial terminations from the Vostok Ice Core, Antarctica. These data are thought to provide an indirect ...

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