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Welcome to the IMBER Metadata Portal

IMBER is an IGBP-SCOR project focusing on ocean biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems. IMBER research will seek to identify the mechanisms by which marine life influences marine biogeochemical cycles, and how these, in turn, influence marine ecosystems. Central to the IMBER goal is the development of a predictive understanding of how marine biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems respond to complex forcings, such as large-scale climatic variations, changing physical dynamics, carbon cycle chemistry and nutrient fluxes, and the impacts of marine harvesting. Changes in marine biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems due to global change will also have consequences for the broader Earth System. An even greater challenge will be drawing together the natural and social science communities to study some of the key impacts and feedbacks between the marine and human systems.

This portal provides a quick and easy means by which to identify project, cruise and dataset collections related to the IMBER programme. The metadata records provide basic information about where, when, how and by whom each dataset has been collected. In addition (and most importantly) they provide details about who (e.g. data centre, institute, specific scientist) to contact if you are interested in getting hold of and using the dataset.

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