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Search Functionality

The new homepage helps direct users by dividing the search directory into three categories: (1) Data Sets; (2) Services/Tools; and (3) Ancillary Descriptions. A new free text search box has been added to the homepage, making it easier to search for data and services.

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The short cut menu allows users to click the tab and immediately begin searching by a specific category (Science Keywords, Instruments, Platforms, Locations, Providers, Projects, Map/Date, and Free text).

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Search Refinements - Clicking on Keywords versus Clicking on Numbers:

Clicking on Keywords (View More Keywords) Legacy Search

Selecting science keywords or other keywords to search a specific metadata record gives users more information within a category that is being searched. This option allows users to continually refine their search, thus providing more specific search results.

Snap shot images of clicking on keywords

Clicking on Numbers (View Titles)

Users have the option to either search within a category using the keywords provided or the numbers located on the side of a keyword in that category. For the numbers option (or if the example keywords that appear in smaller font are selected), users will go directly to a list of metadata records that pertain to that specific keyword. At this point, users will be able to utilize the expanded refinement page where they can continue to refine their search.

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Search Refinement Functionality:

The new search refinement functionality lets users search across multiple components (category, free text, spatial search and temporal search). As users conduct their search, the results dynamically update.


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Search by Category

Search by category lets users locate a particular metadata record within seven categories: Science Keywords, Platforms, Instruments, Data Center Locations, Projects and Chronostratigraphic Units. Clicking the arrow lets users expand their search results down multiple levels of keywords. Users are also given the option to filter the list, which allows users to refine their search query at a greater depth. The reset button will send users back to their original search query.







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Search by Free Text

The free text option allows users to search within data sets and services/tools. The free text search offers Boolean searching (AND, OR, NOT must be entered with capital letters) and fielded searching (allows you to restrict your search to DIF or SERF metadata fields.) The AND operator is assumed if you have multiple items in your query. Other enhanced search operations are also available. The View Full Explanation option gives user more information on doing complex search queries.









spatial search image


Spatial Search

Through this search, users can spatially refine their search using Google maps to draw a bounding box around their area of interest.

Users can also use the drag and drop feature by selecting the "Enable map dragging" button below the map. Click and drag the map to pan or use the arrows to move the map horizontally or vertically. Drag the zoom slider up or down to zoom in or out incrementally.







temporal search image

Temporal Search

This search allows users to search a specific metadata record by a time range. Users can choose from a specific time such as before, during, before or during, during or after, and after, following a select day from the calendar provided.

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