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Where can I get basic climate data such as monthly or annual temperature, pressure or rainfall?

There are many sources of climate data on the internet. One of the most comprehensive is the National Climatic Data Center. NCDC collects data from all over the world, organizes and archives it and disseminates it via http, ftp, DVD, and CD-ROM

In addition to the NCDC,state climatologists, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and many research institutions provide data through various distribution methods.

A search of the internet will return thousands of pages related to climate and/or data (and not necessarily climate data). A more efficient alternative is to search the GCMD. The GCMD contains descriptions of thousands of climate data sets and where to find them.

For climate data available on-line, you might also try these other sites:

NCDC Climate data
A sample of the graphical data products available from NCDC

Still have questions about how to find climate (or other) data? Ask the GCMD science staff at GCMD User Support.

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