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The ASTER Project consists of two parts, each having a Japanese and a U.S. component. Mission operations are split between Earth Remote Sensing Data Analysis Center (ERSDAC) in Japan, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in the U.S. ERSDAC oversees monitoring instrument performance and health, developing the daily schedule command sequence, processing Level 0 data to Level 1, and providing higher level data processing, archiving and distribution. JPL ASTER project provides scheduling support for US investigators, calibration and validation of the instrument and data products, coordinating the US Science Team, and maintaining the science algorithms. The joint Japan/U.S. ASTER Science Team has about 40 scientists and researchers. The "Team" link at the left will show you an organization chart for the U.S. effort. Clicking on any name will provide you with detailed information. Information about Japan Science Team members may be found on the Japanese ASTER Science Project web page at ERSDAC. The "Phone Book" is a search tool for emails and phone numbers.

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