Sahelian and NW Africa 14-Day NDVI Composites

Project Description
The SAHEL_NAFR was a program developed between the U.S. Geological
Survey and U.S. Agency for International Development. This project
aims to develope and test a near-real time monitoring procedure using
satellite remote sensing and geographic information system
technologies in grasshopper and locust control programs in West
Africa. Inherent in this goal was the need to design and present
information for use by decision makers responsible for grasshopper
control. The underlying philosophy was to develop techniques that
could be transferred to African institutions. The resulting data base
is referred to as the Sahelian and NW Africa 14-Day NDVI Composites
(SAHEL_NAFR)Center was identified as the appropriate organization for
this process. AGRHYMET serves nine West African countries by providing
data on agricultural, meteorological and hydrological conditions. As
of May 1990, greenness map production at AGRHYMET has been

The extend of coverage is between 10 and 38 degrees North latitude and
from 18 degrees West to 40 degrees East longitude.

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