Central African Regional Programe for the Environment

Project Description
The Central African Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE) is a
5 year, $14 million regional project, funded by the United States
Agency for International Development (USAID) to address the issue of
deforestation in the Congo Basin forest zone, in the middle of the
African continent. One of the least developed regions of the world,
the Congo Basin, holds massive expanses of closed canopy tropical
forest, second only to the Amazon Basin in area.
A GIS and Remote Sensing CD-ROM product is now available as are other
CARPE publications: See: http://carpe.gecp.virginia.edu/products.htm
Partners include the following:
Biodiversity Support Program
NASA/University of Maryland Partnership
Peace Corps http://carpe.gecp.virginia.edu/partners/pc/pccarpe.htm
U.S. Department of Agriculture/Forest Service
Wildlife Conservation Society
World Learning (PVO-NGO/NRMS)
World Resources Institute
http://carpe.gecp.virginia.edu/partners/wri/wricarpe.htm World
Wildlife Fund http://carpe.gecp.virginia.edu/partners/wwf/wwf.htm
African Government Agencies
African Non-Governmental Organizations
African Universities
For more information, view the CARPE Home Page, hosted by the
University of Virginia: