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Characteristics and Output Products

DC-8 DADS Data Products

A. In-Flight Data Products

During each flight there are several DADS displays, viewable on
monitors throughout the cabin. The DADS Parameter Display (see
table F1) shows a subset of DADS data in table format. The Track
Plot Display shows the aircraft flight track superimposed on a
reference map. The Real-Time Plot shows several parameters as a
color graph, generally in a time-series strip chart format. All
of these are configurable as required and are continuously
updated. In addition, the Weather Satellite APT Receiver
displays real-time satellite images from the NOAA polar orbiters
whenever available. It is also be possible to graphically
examine all DADS parameters from any portion of the flight at
the DADS station computer if necessary. The DC-8 DADS serial
transfer of housekeeping data is available in-flight to allow
easy access to aircraft data by experimenter computers. The data
is in ASCII format, in engineering units Data is sent at one
second intervals with transmission rates of 1200, 9600, and
19.2K baud. Format and hardware interface requirements are
described in another section below.

B. Post-Flight Data Products

After each flight several hardcopy DADS data products will be
available. The DC-8 Mission Director Log will contain time/data
stamped commentary on the flight. A set of Track Plots will show
the DC-8 flight track, including flight-level winds. A set of
Time-Series Plots will show a selection of DADS parameters. The
Parameter Printout will contain 10-second picks of
representative parameters. Other graphical products may be
produced by request of the Mission Director. All of these
products will be given to the GTE Project Office after each
flight, in both hardcopy and electronic format. The DADS
ASCII-formatted data set will also be submitted.

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[Source: NASA]