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The Department of Earth Sciences was formed in 1983 following the accessions of the Teachers Institute of Geology and Paleontology, Geophysical Observatory and most of the faculty of the Institute of Mineralogy and Petrology. These three institutions were born twenty years earlier: the Institute of Mineralogy and Petrology, in 1965, with the call of the Chair of Prof. R. Petrography Pellizzer, the Institute of Geology and Paleontology, in 1967, with the call to the chair of Geology by Prof. E. Giannini, the Geophysical Observatory in 1968, with the call to the Chair of Geophysics Prof. A. Norinelli. In 1965, just the arrival of Prof. Pellizzer had allowed the official birth of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, formed initially by Profs. G. Domains, P. Omodeo and, indeed, by Prof. R. Pellizzer, who became the Dean. At the sitting of the Faculty of October 12, 1967 was approved the establishment of the Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences, which was added to those in Biological Sciences and Natural Sciences.

The Institute of Geology, after a brief stay in the building of Via Mattioli No. 4, moved, in 1968, the first floor of the eighteenth century Palazzo Venturi-Gallerani, located in Via Circle No. 5. The staff was initially made by Prof. E. Giannini, Director, Dr. A. Lazzarotto, assistant, and professors. R. Signorini and T. Lipparini, in charge respectively of external Geology and Paleontology. In the early 70's staff is also enriched with the acquisition of Dr. FA Decandia as Technical graduate, M. Pasini, as the external charge of Geology of Hydrocarbons, R. Funds, as an assistant, A. Brogini, fellow. The non-teaching staff consisted of A. Valenti, Secretary to act as an expert in typing, and G. Bartoli. In 1972 the Institute of Geology, moved to the nearby Palazzo Giglioli-Bulla, at No. 3 Via the Circle, home to more adequate to the increased number, above all, the teaching staff.

With the establishment of the Department of Earth Sciences, Via Circle headquarters is enlarged with the acquisition of adjacent buildings Raspi-Bandini Street at the corner of Circle-P.to S. Augustine, and Cesari-Manganelli (used as classrooms) in P.to S. Augustine. In the 90s, following the construction of the Scientific Pole of S. Illuminated, it freed the Central Palace of Via Laterina 3. This building, after a series of renovations, he was assigned to the Department of Earth Sciences, which moved there in 1999 (present location).

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