Remote Sensing Technology Center, Japan

Data Center Description
Address: Uni-Roppongi building
7-5-17 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Tokyo 106, Japan
Technical Contact:
Name: Data Service Department
Phone: 81-3-3401-1387
FAX: 81-3-3403-1766
General Activities:
RESTEC was established under the guidance of the Science and Technology Agency
and the National Space Development Agency of Japan in July 1975. It is a
non-profit foundation with the aim of conducting research and development into
remote sensing to investigate earth resources and phenomena and disseminate
the results to contribute to economic development, social welfare and
environmental protection.
Main Activities of RESTEC are:
(1) Investigation and research on remote sensing technology
(2) Collection and distribution of remotely sensed data
(3) Training of remote sensing specialists
(4) Dissemination and education on remote sensing
(5) International cooperation on remote sensing
Available datasets derived from satellite data:
- Landsat Thematic Mapper data received at NASDA station in Japan
- Landsat Multispectral Scanner data received at NASDA station in Japan
- Landsat Return Beam Vidicon camera data received at NASDA station in Japan
- MOS-1 Multispectral Electronic Self Scanning Radiometer (MESSR) Data
- MOS-1 Visible and Thermal Infrared Radiometer (VTIR) Data
- MOS-1 Microwave Scanning Radiometer (MSR) Data
- SPOT High Resolution Visible Imaging System data received at NASDA station in
- JERS-1 data