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1. Level 2 of OPS (JERS-1) Data Processing [ND01040]
Level 2 (System Corrected Image Product) (vnir,swir) Data except that obtained by band 4 which has undergone geometrical deformation correction and the specified map projection is recorded ...

2. X-ray observations of energetic electron precipitation from a long duration balloon (MAXIS) over Antarctica, January 2000 [MAXIS_2000]
Data set contains X-ray observations from the MAXIS (MeV Auroral X-ray Imaging and Spectroscopy) long duration balloon experiment. MAXIS was launched January 12 2000 and consists ...

3. Surface ozone concentration from an TEI instrument at Arrival Heights (CMDL) [K085_2002_2008_NZ_1]
A TEI instrument was installed at Arrival Heights to monitor boundary layer concentration of surface ozone levels with an ultraviolet absorption measurement. Ambient air is pumped through a cell and ...

4. Antarctic Ice Velocity Data [NSIDC-0070]
This compilation of recent ice velocity data of the Antarctic ice sheet is intended for use by the polar scientific community. The data are presented in tabular form (ASCII), containing latitude, ...

5. CephBase [utmbnrcc_cephbase_obis]
CephBase is a dynamic html (dhtml) relational database-driven interactive web site that has been online since 1998. The prototype version of CephBase was developed at Dalhousie Univeristy in Halifax, ...

6. Near-Real-Time DMSP SSMIS Daily Polar Gridded Sea Ice Concentrations [NSIDC-0081]

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