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1. DMSP-F8 SSM/I Pathfinder Global Level 2 Sea Ice Concentrations [NSIDC-0028]
These sea ice concentrations have been generated by applying the NASA Team algorithm to DMSP F8 SSM/I brightness temperature observations from 19 GHz (vertical and horizontal), 37- and 22 GHz vertical ...

2. Sedimentological and Glacial Geological Studies at the Law Dome Ice Margin [ASAC_339]
Metadata record for data from ASAC Project 339 See the link below for public details on this project. From the abstracts of some of the referenced papers: This paper presents the results of a detailed ...

3. Taxonomic and ecological studies of the Antarctic mycological flora. Project_39 2002-2004 [CDA_AR_BIO_MYCOLOGICAL_FLORA]
NEW PROJECT YEARS 2002-2004 ENGLISH The aim of this project is to make a taxonomic analysis of the mycological flora present in the areas nearby the Argentinean Antarctic Stations. In addition, relationships ...

4. Ion Concentrations from SPRESSO Ice Core, Antarctica [NSIDC-0471]
This data set contains ion measurements from co-registered samples from the South Pole Remote Earth Science and Seismological Observatory (SPRESSO) ice core. The core was drilled during the 2002-2003 ...

5. Radar Studies of Internal Stratigraphy and Bed Topography along the US ITASE-II Traverse [NSIDC-0475]
This data set contains ice penetrating radar data from the US-International Trans-Antarctic Science Expedition (ITASE) Traverse, from Taylor Dome to South Pole recorded by the St. Olaf College deep ...

6. GEOSAT Radar Altimeter DEM Atlas of Antarctica North of 72.1 degrees South [NSIDC-0075]
The Antarctic atlas consists of 28 digital elevation maps which cover all of Antarctica north of 72.1 degrees south at a resolution of three kilometers. Each map contains surface elevations and coordinates ...

7. Surface Elevation and Ice Thickness, Western Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica [NSIDC-0119]
This data set provides surface elevation and ice thickness data for a portion of the Marie Byrd Land sector of West Antarctica, including the Ford Ranges, the Sulzberger Ice Shelf, much of the Edward ...

8. Near-Real-Time DMSP SSMIS Daily Polar Gridded Sea Ice Concentrations [NSIDC-0081]

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